Service and Quality

Dargan Turf farm built it’s reputation on having exceptional service and quality. We are a family owned business that knows the value of taking care of people. We operate year round. Our sod is not cut until the day of delivery or the afternoon before.



For developers, landscape professionals and homeowners, quality turf means it is easier to install and looks great when it’s in. Three things contribute to these great results:

Thick Turf
Dargan Turf produces several varieties that are known for being thick and lush. We accomplish these results through a combination of advanced technology and expertise.

Weed-free Turf
“Weedy” turf causes many problems for landscaping professionals. That’s why Dargan Turf goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our turf is “weed-free.”

Insect-free Turf
Insect damage is another area of concern for many landscapers. Dargan Turf employs the most advanced techniques to ensure NO INSECT DAMAGE in any of our varieties.



Standard 24 hour Delivery
In most cases, Dargan Turf can have your order to you within 24 hours. If for any reason we can’t make that commitment, we’ll tell you when you can have it.

Access To ANY Delivery Area
Because of the variety of equipment at Dargan Turf’s disposal, we can deliver into the smallest delivery areas without any problems.

“Whatever It Takes”
At Dargan Turf, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that our customers are happy with our service that they’ll keep coming back and telling others about us.